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The R&D Tax Incentive is a targeted, generous and easy to access entitlement program that helps businesses offset some of the costs of doing R&D. The Program aims to help more businesses do R&D and innovate. It is a broad-based entitlement program. This means that it is open to firms of all sizes in all sectors who are conducting eligible R&D. It provides more generous support for businesses, especially small and medium-sized firms, than the R&D Tax Concession that it replaced.

The two core components are:

  • a 45 per cent refundable tax offset (equivalent to a 150 per cent deduction) to eligible entities with an aggregated turnover of less than $20 million per annum
  • a non-refundable 40 per cent tax offset (equivalent to 133 per cent deduction) to all other eligible entities.

AusIndustry and the Australian Taxation Office are responsible for delivering the R&D Tax Incentive. We work closely together and are available to help you.

Registration deadline for standard year balancers

Alert / Note Annual registration of R&D activities with Innovation Australia is a prerequisite for companies claiming the R&D Tax Incentive.

The deadline for lodging an application for registration is 10 months after the end of a company’s income year. This means that companies with a standard year of income of 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013 who wish to apply for the R&D Tax Incentive for the 2012-13 income year must lodge their registration application with AusIndustry by Wednesday 30 April 2014.

  • Electronic applications must be lodged by midnight local time.
  • Hard copy (paper-based) applications must be received by 5pm local time.

As AusIndustry Regional Offices are not continuously staffed, companies intending to lodge an application at a Regional Office should contact that office before the deadline to confirm arrangements.

The AusIndustry Hotline will be open for extended hours on Tuesday 29 April and Wednesday 30 April 2014, to assist customers completing their R&D Tax Incentive application for the 2012-13 income year. 

AusIndustry Hotline operating hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time):

  • Tuesday 29 April - 8am to 7pm
  • Wednesday 30 April - 8am to 9pm

Calls to the Hotline from 9pm to 10pm on Wednesday 30 April 2014 will to be diverted to AusIndustry where a Registration officer will be available to assist customers with the registration process.

Advance/Overseas Finding Application deadline for June balancers

Companies wishing to lodge an application for an Advance or Overseas Finding under the R&D Tax Incentive must do so before the end of the income year in which the activity was conducted. For companies with an income year ending 30 June 2014 the deadline for an Advance/Overseas finding applications is 30 June 2014.

Electronic lodgement of applications is preferred. Applications must be lodged by midnight local time. Instructions for electronic lodgement are contained within the application form. Hard copy (paper-based) applications must be received by 5.00pm local time.

If you encounter problems lodging the form you can email the PDF copy of the form to rdtaxincentive@industry.gov.au. This will allow the registration team to upload the application for you.

Online Eligibility Tool

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Program Status

Open for Applications
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