Innovation Australia

(Pictured: Innovation Australia at 28 November 2013)
From left to right (back row): Mr Gerard Noonan; Mr Nixon Apple; Dr Nicholas Gruen (Chair);
Ms Susan Wilson; Mr Innes Willox (front row) Dr Marlene Kanga; Dr Laurie Hammond;
Dr Susan Pond AM; Ms Fiona Pak-Poy
Absent: Dr Michele Allan, Ms Chris Butler


Innovation Australia is an independent statutory body established to assist with the administration of the Australian Government's innovation and venture capital programs designed to support industry innovation.

Established on 27 September 2007, Innovation Australia is an amalgamation of the former Industry Research and Development (IR&D) Board and the Venture Capital Registration (VCR) Board (formerly known as the Pooled Development Funds Registration Board). On its establishment, Innovation Australia assumed the roles, responsibilities and powers of the two former Boards.

Innovation Australia aims to promote the development and improve the efficiency and international competitiveness of Australian industry by encouraging research and development, investment in innovation and venture capital activities.

Innovation Australia assists in administering Australian Government innovation and investment programs namely:

R&D and Innovation

  • R&D Tax Incentive
  • R&D Tax Concession (including the R&D Tax Offset and 175% Premium (Incremental) Tax Concession)
  • Commercialisation Australia Program (CA)

Venture Capital Programs

  • Innovation Investment Fund (IIF)
  • Innovation Investment Follow-on Fund (IIFF)
  • Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (ESVCLP)
  • Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (VCLP)

Legacy Programs

  • Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET)
  • Commercial Ready (including Commercial Ready Plus)
  • Industry Cooperative Innovation Program (ICIP)
  • R&D Start Program
  • Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program
  • Clean Technology Innovation Program
  • Clean Technology Investment Program
  • Climate Ready
  • Green Car Innovation Fund
  • Re-tooling for Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI)
  • Pooled Development Funds (PDF)
  • Pre-Seed Fund (PSF)
  • Renewable Energy Equity Fund (REEF)

Innovation Australia administers these programs through a number of committees that are formed to assist with the consideration of applications received under the innovation and venture capital programs.

Further information about Innovation Australia's activities, responsibilities and programs is available in the Innovation Australia Annual Reports.

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Membership, committees and their terms of appointment

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